Shirts are the essential components for men's wardrobe. Shirts come in different sizes. However, it's pretty much required to figure out the correct size when you are about to shop online. This happens a lot of times when you purchase a shirt and once it is received by you, either it's too loose or too tight. This blog about the shirt size chart in India for men will help you to find out the correct size of the shirt while ordering a shirt online. This blog will include everything like shirt size, measurements, size conversions, and the advice you need while ordering a shirt from online websites.

What actually a shirt size chart?


You have a question in your mind what actually the shirt size chart is? Basically, a shirt size chart is a visual or written guide that actually provides you with the measurements and dimensions of different sizes of shirts. These charts are commonly used charts which used by retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers to give reference to their consumers. While finding a perfect size chart, the following key factors must be covered :

  1. Sleeves Length:

    This measurement includes the length of the sleeves. The measurement starts from the shoulder point and ends with the wrist point. With this measurement, you can figure out whether the sleeve length is short sleeves or long sleeves.

  2. Chest Width:

    In this measurement width of the chest is mentioned. This measurement starts from the chest area and is typically measured from under one arm to another arm.

  3. Body length:

    This measurement includes the length of the shirt which starts from the top of the shoulder to the bottom down. This measurement will help you to identify how long that shirt will be while worn.

  4. Shoulder width:

    This measurement includes the length between the length of shoulders, usually starting from one shoulder and to the other shoulder end.


Why do we need a Shirt Size Chart?


A perfect size chart measured a lot of measurements like chats with body length, sleeve length, and shoulder width which was mentioned above, which make a perfect shirt size chart. It helps in the following ways :


  1. Consistency :

    A perfect shirt size chart helps in maintaining the size across all of your product's styles and designs within your particular classic brand. When you have a perfect shirt size chart, customers can rely on your brand while understanding the sizing standard and help them choose the best-fit shirt they are interested in.

  2. Customer Confidence :

    If customer are able to find and refer to the perfect shirt size chart it will boost their confidence while shopping with you. When they find the accurate measurement it will increase their confidence in the fitting of the shirt.

  3. Reduces Returns and Exchanges :

    When you have a perfect shirt size chart on your e-commerce portal customer can easily identify what their perfect size will be. Hence there will be less chance of getting returns and exchanges and the profitability of any online business will increase.

  4. Efficient Shopping Experience:

    For a perfect and efficient shopping experience for online shoppers, a perfect shirt size chart is mandatory. And because of the size chart customer can quickly identify their size. They will have the option of choosing multiple sizes. And because of all this, they will get an efficient shopping experience on your portal.

  5. Saves Time :

    The main advantage of showing the perfect shirt size chart for online shoppers it will help customers to avoid ordering multiple sizes and it will also avoid their hassle and save time for both customers and retailers as well.

  6. Brand Credibility :

    It is well shown that if the brand provides an accurate and easy-to-use shirt size chart, its customers will remain more satisfied. This will increase the brand's credibility and reputation.

So, showing up a perfect shirt size chart is a valuable tool that will increase the shopping experience reduce the return, and increase the brand credibility. With the help of a perfect shirt size chart customers will easily figure out their size, which ends up with a satisfied and loyal customer.


How can I find my Shirt size?


Finding the correct shirt size involves measuring your body and comparing those measurements with the chart provided by the brand or online shopping website that you are about to purchase. Important factors which will help you to find the best shirt size :


  1. Get Tools :

    First of all, you need a soft measuring tape or a ruler. Then wear a well-fitted shirt which you like. And than we can start measuring the shirt size.

  2. Chest Measurement :

    Let's measure the chest First. Stand up straight and get your arms relaxed at your sides. Wrap the soft measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. It started under your armpits.  Make sure the tape is straight and parallel but not too tight. Write down the measurement in inches or centimeters according to your choice.

  3. Waist measurement :

    While ordering a shirt online, if you want a proper fit around the waist you can wrap the measuring tape around your waistline. Again make sure the tape is not too tight and not too loose, record the measurement in inches or centimeters.

  4. Size chart reference:

    Now go to the website or the online portal from which you are about to purchase your shirt. Look at the size chart and compare it with your measurements.  Find out the best size that matches your measurement and you are done with your size chart reference.

  5. Size finalization :

    Once you have your size in your hand, you can place your order now. You can check the additional information provided on the e-commerce website from which you are making your purchase. That will help you to find your perfect shirt.

  6. Reviews :

    Additionally, you can read the customer reviews. You can see a lot of reviews mention how fit the shirt was.  That will help you understand the brand's size measurement.


Shirt size can vary from brand to brand and it matters. So it is essential to find out the shirt size chart which is provided by the brands. And match it with the measurements you have. If you have any doubts about the sizes and styles, you should contact customer support or find additional information available on the website as well as you can look for some kind of recommendations.


Additional Tips to choose the best shirt


Keeping the best shirt in the wardrobe needs more effort in finding the right size in comparison to other factors. It includes factors like fabric, style, purpose, quality, and many more. Here are some additional tips which will help you to select the perfect shirt for yourself.


  1. Find your style :

    Think about the style you are looking for. What do you like? V-neck or a necklines. Make sure to keep in mind which makes you comfortable and confident.


    Right fabric :

    While making the shirt selection, think about the fabric you need. Cotton Fabrics are comfortable for everyday wear while polyesters and other fabrics are suitable for sports, casual, and physical activities.

  1. Occasion or purpose :

    Purpose or occasion is an important factor when choosing the shirt. So think about where and when you will be wearing the shirt. Formal outings can be worn for office or professional purposes while casual outings call for relaxed and stylish designs.

  2. Quality :

    Shirt quality should be top-notch. You can find how the stitching is and how durable the fabric is. A good quality shirt will last longer and it will remain same after multiple washes.

  3. Color and Pattern :

    You can choose color and patterns according to your personal styles which match with your existing wardrobe. Solid colors are versatile while printed pattern can add your character.

  4. Care Instructions :

    Do not forget to review the care instructions on the shirt label or details. Because some shirt may require special care like gentle wash or dry clean only to maintain there quality.

  5. Read Reviews :

    While doing your shopping online, make sure to read the customer reviews. With the customer reviews you will get a rough analysis which will help you in making your decision.


Conclusion :

So as a conclusion, a shirt size chart is a useful and important tool to find out the right size when you are going to shop online for your shirt. When selecting your desired shirt, it is very important to find out the fit, material, purpose, neckline, care instructions, length, reviews, and measurement of your body versus the measurement of the size chart provided by the online shopping site. By reading out the above article you will able to find out the ultimate shirt size chart that actually fit you comfortably as well as meets your desire.


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