Are you looking to buy branded shirts but can't decide which shirt brands are best to wear for men? In the world, many branded shirts look elegant and glorious when we wear them. The blog of helps you to tell about the top 5 shirt brands in India where men's shirts are available. To make your wardrobe look premium, then you will always buy branded shirts to fill your wardrobe. Whenever we go outside, the looks or style of any person identify their personality.

Clothing is not just a means of covering our bodies; it is the statement of our personality and style. For men, shirts are the way to express their dressing sense and style, which always come in when they wear branded shirts. Previously, men thought shirts were simple attire, making their style could have been better. For men, shirts are the best option for defining their style and dressing sense. For men, a single shirt can be worn in many combinations, which makes it for men's wear.

What is Shirts?

A shirt is a garment that is mainly worn on the upper part of the body. It is a piece of clothing with a collar, sleeves, and buttons down the front. Shirts come in various styles, fabrics, and designs, which you can wear on occasions, events, and fashion trends. Shirts are simple attire worn for formal or casual occasions; they depend on the design, fabric, and style. In the modern age, both men and women can wear the shirts. Before choosing your favorite shirts, you also know about the shirt brands in India that suit your style.

Top 5 shirt brands in India:-

In this blog, we briefly explore the top 5 shirt brands in India and discuss a single brand of shirts to learn what makes them unique in choosing to wear the shirts. These shirt brands' innovations and design philosophies take the country's fashion to the next level. Let's explore the history of these shirt brands in India and help decide whether you wear men's shirts.


Vooning is the newly launched website where a collection of men's shirts is available for wearing them. On Vooning, many groups of shirts like printed, plain, party-wear, and more are functional at low-cost prices that anyone can buy. On Vooning, the men's shirt collections are unique from others, and they are not available on any other website. Vooning provides an option to customize the shirts like full sleeves, half sleeves, Cuban collar, with pocket or without pocket, or many different customization options.

Vooning has a collection of not only men's shirts but also women's shirts. There is also an option for women to buy shirts. Cotton, rayon, poly-cotton, Saturn, and other fabrics are used to make shirts. We have an extensive collection of unique printed shirts that are trending, and we love to wear these shirts. Oversized shirts are also trending, so we have different sizes of shirts like L, S, XL, XXL, and slim fit. 

Peter England:-

Peter England is an old company which mainly manufactures and supplies men's shirts globally. It is an international company, but in 2000, it was taken over by Aditya Birla Group in India. The collection of shirts is lovely and good. Peter England shirts are simple and plain but elegant for men to wear. These shirts are available in regular and slim fits with unique designs, making them branded. In India, in every state, there is an offline store where these shirts are available. Through the website, you can purchase the shirts. 


Levis is an American company founded in 1853, and it is a trendy brand in India. Levis has different shirt collections, which can be bought through its website. These shirts' fabrics are eye-catching because they are very soft and different from others. The materials used in these shirts are cotton, silk, poly-cotton, and others. The designs of the shirts are also lovely and glorious. When we wear these shirts, they look very stunning on our bodies. These shirts are readily available at affordable prices, and discounts are also available on these shirts.


Raymond is on the list of top shirt brands in India. It has a vast collection of formal and informal shirts available for men and women. The quality of the shirts is good, and they are mostly worn when we go anywhere. These shirts are mainly worn at married destinations and to show the modernity in culture. The use of premium fabrics in shirts and the tailoring of the shirts make it people's choice to wear. In India, these shirts are mostly given to others as gifts because of their quality and simplicity. The collection of shirts in check design is eye-catching.

Louis Philippe:

Louis Philippe, another gem in the Aditya Birla Group's crown, is synonymous with luxury and refinement. The shirts of this brand are a Madura fashion and lifestyle brand with a collection of unique shirts and the clothing of the shirts is luxury. Louis Philippe shirts are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using premium fabrics. The brand's commitment to offering a tasteful collection of formal and semi-formal shirts has positioned it as a symbol of understated elegance. In India, the shirts look stunning when we wear them and seem like luxury on anyone's face.


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